Griskelis Young Harrell – Architects | 550 W Adams – Quincy’s

550 W Adams – Quincy’s

Quincy’s Lounge and the Fitness Center at 550 W Adams was created to enrich the quality of tenants’ lives and celebrate the “550” community.  The client requested spaces for tenants to gather for informal meetings during the workday, a place to unwind together after a hard day’s work, and a venue for planned/catered events.  GYH designed a flexible space with varying degrees of privacy and nodes of activity. The central, circular bar is a place to meet with coworkers and have a drink or two, while nearby booths offer an intimate setting where a tenant can connect their computer to a monitor for a small meeting.  Included in the design is a media center that features a golf simulator, movie theater, console gaming, and big screen sports viewing.  The adjacent Fitness Center features the latest in exercise technology and uses dynamic placement of walls and finishes to activate an otherwise long and narrow space.  Private spaces, such as the spa quality locker rooms, are placed inboard in the space to allow the equipment and activities to be featured along the exterior glass wall.