Griskelis Young Harrell – Architects | Greencore Group US

Greencore Group US

Griskelis Young Harrell designed Greencore Group’s US headquarters in Downers Grove, IL, as a vibrant, light-filled work space for employees and a welcoming and exciting environment for visiting clients.

Natural elements and soothing colors were incorporated into the 20,000sf, full-floor build-out to remind visitors of Greencore’s commitment to “Great Food”, and subtle green accents reflect the company’s Irish heritage.

A quarter of the space is dedicated to a client-facing lounge, presentation kitchen, and ideation studio.  The remainder of the space is focused on the employee with open and private office areas, flexible huddle spaces, private phone rooms, and “3rd Space” lounge-type seating. Two previously inaccessible terraces were modified to provide outdoor space for both clients and employees, further bringing nature and the exterior into the working environment.