Griskelis Young Harrell – Architects | Mintel


Mintel’s new office provides a venue to showcase its services, improve Client outreach and provide a varied, flexible work environment to enhance employee productivity. The space was designed to reflect Mintel’s interactive, creative culture.

The client requested formal work areas in a concentrated zone and a variety of informal work areas in the remainder of the suite. There are no private offices, and staff are not assigned a permanent work location so employees may work in the environment best suited to the task at hand. Open bench desking is provided for private work. The informal areas include a “Zen Room”- a relaxed but silent work area; Open Lounges which incorporate recreation features, soft seating for group conversations and presentations, and private booths for two person collaboration; A dedicated Project Room for multi-day teaming activities; multiple conference rooms for shorter group sessions; and a flexible Board Room which can be subdivided or opened up to a large bleacher seating area to allow for full office meetings.

Each zone has a unique personality, and the design incorporates visual icons reflecting the company’s London headquarters (a red double decker bus), Chicago home (red iron bridge; neighborhood conference rooms; “Wrigley Field” bleachers, complete with Ivy!) and international reach (Asian themed quiet room).

The space was featured in Crain’s “Coolest Offices…” Oct., 2013.